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Entreprenørskap i Norge 2009

The TEA rate for Norway for 2009 has experienced a small decrease since 2008 (now 8.53, down 0.2).

11.10.201612:48 Marit Kristin Kvarum

Female involvement in entrepreneurship has decreased (now 4.48, down 0.7) while male involvement has increased (now 12.48, up 0.4). The nascent rate is down (now 5.04, down 0.6), while new business owner-manager rate has increased to 3.92 (up 0.7). Moreover, the established business ownership rate has increased since 2008 (now 8.28, up 0.6). 

Entrepreneurship due to necessity has increased slightly from 0.59 to 0.78. Opportunity entrepreneurship in order to increase income has increased to 44% (up 11%), and opportunity entrepreneurship in order to increase independence has
decreased to 34% (down 12%), while the rest have mixed motives. There is a small increase in growt expectations, 17.1% of the entrepreneurs expect to have 10 employees or more in 5 years time (up 0.5% since 2008).