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Entreprenørskap i Norge 2007

In Norway, after declining levels of early stage entrepreneurship to 2004, economic growth again spurred increased entrepreneurial levels in 2005 and 2006.

11.10.201612:02 Marit Kristin Kvarum

In 2006, the early stage entrepreneurial activity leveled out at 9.1%. The early-stage entrepreneurial activity rate in Norway fell in 2007 to about 6.5 percent. This is the lowest score Norway has ever reported since the country started to participate in the GEM project in year 2000. The decline is stronger among men than among women. The percentage of women among Norwegian entrepreneurs has increased the last 2 years, and continues to increase despite the lower early stage entrepreneurial activity in the country. As reported in previous years, there is hardly anynecessity 
entrepreneurship taking place in the country - almost all entrepreneurial activity is opportunity based.