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Aasta Hansteen and Polarled

Kunnskapsparken Bodø AS, the University of Nordland and Petro Arctic have carried out a preliminary study examining ripple effects generated by the Aasta Hansteen and Polarled development projects, this on behalf of Statoil. The study aims to chart the local, regional and national effects these development projects have on society.

05.10.201614:44 Marit Kristin Kvarum

In connection with the PDO (Plan for Development and Operation) approval, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy required Statoil to carry out an analysis of “regional and local” ripple effects related to the field development project, within two years after production start-up. This preliminary report constitutes the beginning of a ripple effect study that will monitor the development of Aasta Hansteen until two years after the production start. In parallel with the Aasta Hansteen Field Development, a new gas pipeline called Polarled is being build, to facilitate gas transport and the development of new fields in the Norwegian Sea. Polarled is a new 480 kilometer long gas pipeline from Aasta Hansteen to Nyhamna in Møre and Romsdal County. The ripple effects from the Polarled development project are also included in the preliminary report.